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Many donors who are giving to our cause have been sharing their motivation on the GoFundMe platform or have been directly emailing us. 

As we see the messages on a daily basis, we can’t help but share the sentiments and the emotions as expressed which fortifies our resolve to see our mission through. 

So, whether you have contributed £2500 as top donor John or £1600 as Leif or simply 9 days of giving £20 as Yvonne has been doing, we know that you have been moved by the circumstances at home in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

Below are some of the reasons why our donors have shared this journey with us: 

Angela – “Volcano, Ash fallout, Flood, Mudslide. You need some peace. Hope it calms soon.” 

Paul- “I donated because an old schoolfriend Gaius Douglas shared this gofundme page, well done Gaius!” 

Rose- “This is a donation on behalf of my mother-in-law , Rose Sawh, who thinks all Vincentians are lovely.” 

Mayowa- “Praying for immediate and longer term relief for all affected. Thanks to my friend ECU, a proud British Vincie for telling me so much over the years, about this beautiful island. God bless” 

Michael- “I saw a video on the BBC website today (26 April) where an UN Official said that St Vincent could soon be facing a humanitarian disaster, as it’s nearly hurricane season, on top of the ash decimating crops. It’s heartbreaking to see.” 

Richard- “Charity begins at home and we strongly believe that it would be a denial of justice for us not to stretch out a helping hand to the people of Saint Vincent, in their hour of need. This donation has been made on behalf of the members of Abner Lodge No. 81, London.) 

Carolyn- “My Vincentian people are some of the most warm and caring people on Earth. At this time of crisis and tragedy that care will be wrapped back around you from near and far. Our thoughts are constantly with you. To the beloved land of my birth, from Carolyn, Ole and Jann” 

Malika- “I have donated because this means a lot as a Caribbean woman and a human being and I want to help in any way I can” 

David- “My wife and I visited SVG a couple of years ago and were blown away by the beauty of the island, and the friendliness of the people we encountered. We wish you good luck in the coming weeks and months… and hope some normality is restored soon…” 

Frances- “This should have far more mainstream news exposure 🙁 it’s shocking that the only way the UK knows about this is from social media” 

Whatever the reasons, our hearts are united and our faith will see us through this situation. 

Thank you to all our donors and those who have shared this link or simply raised it as part of your daily conversation.  

#PrayForSVG #HelpSVG #StrongerTogether #IdonatedtoSVG #UKSVGFriendsTogether 

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